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The UNS Case Management System

Firewall protection and data backup has been a high priority at UNA, and we have installed security systems to give a suitable level of safety for our clients data.

Secondly, it was essential that we installed the best possible Case Management system, in order to keep control of the cases dealt with by UNA.

Since 2001 UNA has investigated a number of systems of monitoring Motor Claims, and has adopted a system which is capable of dealing proficiently with large volumes of cases, giving fast access, whilst producing the type of statistics that the Insurance Industry has never had. The CaseFlow Software is flexible enough ot cater for the specific requirements of each individual Insurance company or Self Insured Client.

In conjunction with our software associates, Pallas Athena we have developed a bespoke software package, which is unequalled within Europe, and which we are committed to expand and improve as technology and client requirements change.

UNA believe in an open book policy, so all the interested parties have access to a Claim, in real time. Our Case Handling Software is Internet based, and all the interested parties have the ability to access the data, on a hierarchical basis, so that they can keep abreast of a claims actual position.

The Insurer has the ability, on the UNA system to access a case and obtain details of the reports and letters written, and the notes produced throughout the case. The whole system is tracked, with documents locked on sending, to prevent tampering.


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